Episode 58 - Hit The #1 Spot Through The Merch Shop

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Some of the topics this week are:

A nifty new Spotify feature,

A fantastic new commemorative piece for any metal head,

The ever-growing trend of Hip Hop artists using clothing sales to boost chart position,

Eminem proving he is still very much a rap god,

Remembering the anniversary of one of the most offensive t-shirts ever,

JUICE WRLD getting in some more legal trouble for possibly “borrowing” a young producers track,

and much much more…

This weeks album review: Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust?

This weeks Rig Rundown: Billy Howerdel - A Perfect Circle 2004

Buy His Rig: 1991 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Custom Classic Reissue / 1993 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Custom Classic Reissue / GCX Guitar Audio Switcher / TC Electronic Fireworx / Lexicon MPX G2 / CAE Line Transformer / CAE Line Mixer / Digitech GSP-2101 / Eventide Orville / TC Electronic G-Force / Korg DTR-1 Tuner / Lexicon R1 Midi Foot Controller / Ernie Ball Expression Pedal / 1978 Marshall JMP Superlead / VHT 4x12 / Ernie Ball 12-56 (2-pack) / Dunlop Tortex .88mm (12-pack)

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