Episode 31 - Festival Overload

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Just a reminder: Shows after this one will be coming out on Tuesdays (the new best day of the week). So get this one while it's hot folks, cause you'll be having another coming your way sooner than usual!

Some of the topics this week are:

Massive Attack gives festival goers a massive disappointment at Mad Cool, 

Guns N Roses cleaning up with their new tour and setting youtube records for 2 different decades,

London dropping the ball on festival organization,

The Deftones starting their own festival,

Ed Sheeran being the highest grossing artist of 2017,

MTV still having a music award show for some reason,

John Schnepp RIP (show your support),

and more...

This weeks album review: Bullet For My Valentine - Gravity

This weeks Rockin Rig: Vivian Campbell - Def Leppard 2011

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