Episode 6 - Anime/Cosplay with Chase Ferguson

Chase is back to get the podcast train rolling again. This episode we get into something that's close to my heart: Anime. Go ahead, judge me.

Not only do we get into all the typical nerding out you can expect between two anime buffs, we also delve into the topic of cosplay and "con" culture.

Some of the topics we get into this episode:

Cosplay: Art or Not?

What qualifies as anime

Tentacle rape...why? Also a surprising history lesson.

American vs. Japanese animation

The merits of fan service

And plenty more...


The amazing app I referenced in the episode that I use to keep track of all my anime is called Aozora. http://aozoraapp.com/

If you're interested in learning more, check out ACEN. https://www.acen.org/